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Sage CRM and the New Customer Experience Economy
– Peter Wolf

CRM usage has been exploding over the last five years.

Whether you are starting to investigate CRM or have been using Sage CRM for a while, it’s beneficial to understand what’s driving this demand.

We now live in a customer experience economy. Your customers demand consistent, high-quality experiences or else they’ll move on to competitors.

Continuing to use silos of information locked away in email and spreadsheets and sticky notes limits your ability to respond quickly and accurately. It doesn’t scale, resulting in profit erosion and eventual loss of business, even from long-time customers. You may already be experiencing this.

In this year’s keynote address, Peter Wolf of Azamba Consulting Group highlights how CRM gives you and your team the tools you need to stay connected with your customers, partners, and team members to maintain the high-quality customer relationships you need to succeed!

NOTE: If you are already using Sage CRM, this session will open your eyes to new ways to take advantage of your investment.

Positioning Sage CRM to Non-Believers
– David Beard

Getting your business—and your employees—on board with the benefits of a CRM system can be tough, but you won’t succeed without buy-in from top to bottom.

Join David Beard of Sage to learn how to tactically introduce and manage a Sage CRM discussion into your business. We will blend traditional “uncovering needs and building value” ideas with advice on how to connect CRM features to clear employee and business benefits *and* highlight why buy-in matters more than ever before.

Sage CRM 2021 and the Next 3 Years
– Jeff Richards and David Beard

Sage CRM is strategically focused on adding a strong CRM toolset to extend the return on investment for our Sage financial customers across the globe.

Join Jeff Richards and David Beard of Sage as they highlight the recent releases and take a high-level look at the near-future for Sage CRM!


Understanding Sage CRM Resources Across the Web
– David Beard

Join David Beard as he shows you how to get the best use out of the resources published in Sage City.

This global community has over 10,000 members focused exclusively on integrated Sage CRM. Within the blogs and forums of Sage City, you’ll find information and resources that will help you resolve issues and improve your usage of Sage CRM.

We will also explore how to get the most out of the documentation, articles, free training videos, and code libraries that help make Sage CRM one of the best-resourced products within the Sage portfolio.

Introduction to Deployment Options: On Premises vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid
– Rong Chuan Lim

Join Rong Chuan Lim of Sage and explore Sage CRM deployment options including:

  • On-premise Deployment, the typical option
  • Private Cloud Deployment, including Amazon, Azure, Huawei, etc., as well as VPN and VPC peering and large-scale deployment using Cloud Services, ECS, EIP, RDS, VPN, ELB, SSO
  • Hybrid Deployment, an extension of on-premise deployment with which you can leverage 3rd-party services in a private cloud or public cloud

Supporting and Troubleshooting Customizations
– Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards of Sage explains how a new consultant can plan their work to minimise support issues from the moment system design takes place.

This session will also explore the tools available to investigate an issue and at what point it is most likely for you to have to troubleshoot and track down the origin of a problem.

Setting up and Supporting Campaign Management
– Jeff Richards

Join Jeff Richards of Sage to learn how different default campaign actions fit into a custom-designed marketing workflow.

This session will cover designing a graphical workflow and how to call custom behaviour managed by extensions to the product.

Building Key Sage CRM Reports
– Don Grubor

There are key Sage CRM reports that every company should use to keep CRM users accountable and to manage sales and service activities. Some of these reports are built into Sage CRM; others can be quickly built to provide you with the information and insights you need.

In this session, Don Grubor of Effective Solutions will walk you through accessing and building those reports.

How to Log a Support Case so it Gets Resolved Quickly
– Namita Kapoor

Namita Kapoor of Sage explores the lifecycle of a support case, explaining how a problem experienced by a customer is investigated and escalated until the end solution is provided.

She will also highlight the importance of each of the actors in the process and explain what you can do to speed the resolution of your cases.

Resolving Problems in Growing Systems
– Jeff Richards

This session is designed for customers and partners working with a Sage CRM instance who need to understand the factors that effect Sage CRM Performance.

Join Jeff Richards of Sage as he walks through solutions to common Sage CRM growing pains!

How to Make Your Sage CRM Instances Easier to Use
– Dan Cousins

Not everyone realizes how much Sage CRM can bend to be easier to use!

In this session, Dan Cousins of My CRM Manager will cover examples from the field of how organizations have made Sage CRM ‘easier.’

Workflow Magic
– Dan Cousins

Leverage Sage CRM’s workflow engine and dashboards to manage processes and give your system meaning.

In this session, Dan Cousins of My CRM Manager will cover examples of Sage CRM’s workflow engine, when and why it makes sense (or not), and review the steps required to implement a workflow successfully.

Maximize Efficiency Using Quick Notifications and Escalation Rules
– Ocean Helberg

Quick Notifications and Escalation Rules are two uncomplicated-but-powerful features.

Join Ocean Helberg of Sage as we cover each feature, their features and differences, how to configure them, and what they can do for your business!

Using REST API for Customizations
– Conrad Roux

Conrad Roux of Sage explores the Sage CRM REST API through a C# project that uses CRUD operations to extend the functionality of your CRM.

The Future of Phone Integration in Sage CRM 2020 R2 and Beyond
– Jeff Richards and Elizabeth Pienaar

Sage CRM 2020 R1 removed ActiveX dependency for features such as the Outlook Plugin installation and document drop. Sage also announced that support for existing Sage CRM features that depended on technology using ActiveX would be dropped in the future.

What does this mean for Sage CRM customers? What are the challenges and opportunities that are opened up by this news?

Join Jeff Richards and Elizabeth Pienaar of Sage to find out!

Enhancing Sage CRM Outlook Integration with Accelerator
– Marc Reidy

Are you tired of copying and pasting emails to CRM? Is your sales team not updating CRM with contact details? Is your CRM user adoption poor and killing your return on investment?

Take your Outlook integration with Sage CRM to the next level with Accelerator for Sage CRM and view your Sage CRM and Sage 300 data from within Outlook, create entities from emails, save emails, log call notes, and more!

Join Marc Reidy of CRM Together as he showcases what Accelerator can do for your team.

Improving Sage 100 Integration to CRM with Greytrix
– Dan Cousins

Take your system to the next level using the Greytrix version of Sage 100 integration to Sage CRM!

In this session, Dan Cousins will review the design, functionality, features, benefits, and key differences between this integration and Sage’s free integration.

Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Costs when Adding CRM to Sage 300
– Paul Caron

Adding Sage CRM to your existing Sage 300 infracture is a great idea!

Done properly, this can move your software past accounting-only to a true enterprise planning system.

Done poorly, it can cost a lot with no obvious benefits.

In this session, Paul Caron of Caron Business Solutions will walk you through a planned and deliberate approach to maximize benefits and minimize costs when adding Sage CRM to Sage 300.

Going Mobile with Sage CRM and MobileX
– Mark Reidy

Remote sales don’t have access to customer data? Sales have to wait to return to the office to log updates? Can’t customize the system as you want? Need to file emails from your iOS/Android smartphone?

With MobileX, your Sage CRM system becomes the most powerful collaboration tool in your business. MobileX is a web-based Mobile solution for Sage CRM that can be rolled out to any device with a simple URL. You can log phone call notes and emails, navigate your data and view your sales pipeline, record customer visits, take notes on training, and more!

Join Marc Reidy of CRM Together to see what MobileX can do for your business.

Increasing Productivity with Greytrix CTI and Productivity Pack
– Dhiraj Singh

Greytrix, a Sage Gold Development Partner, helps organizations enrich customer experiences with their ‘Productivity Suite’ comprising of Self Service Portal, CTI, and Business Manager for Sage CRM.

Join Dhiraj Singh of Greytrix to see what the Productivity Suite can do for your business!

Improving Project and Field Service Management with TimeLinx PSM for Sage CRM
– Jeff Gregorec

TimeLinx PSM (Project and Service Management) is a powerful tool entirely embedded within Sage CRM that extends the functionality of the entire customer, project, and service delivery lifecycle in a single system, reducing errors and duplicate data entry, enabling faster time to cash, and offering real-time reporting along with alerts and notifications.

TimeLinx PSM converts closed opportunities to projects, enabling users to manage tasks, time and expense, inventory, assetts on through to scheduling and dispatch and service delivery integrated with your accounting solution. TimeLinx also includes a complete mobile solution that supports any smartphone or tablet.

If you are a project or service organization using Sage CRM, you will definitely want to join Jeff Gregorec of TimeLinx to learn how TimeLinx PSM can improve your project and service management!

Easing Integrations with 3rd-party Tools and Hubs (Cloud Elements, Zapier, etc.)
– Jeff Richards

Sage CRM has a powerful and simple-to-use set of APIs.

In this session, Jeff Richards of Sage will explain how these APIs are being made central to Sage’s plans for Sage CRM, how the product is being opened up for integration through its software development kit (SDK), developer resources, and 3rd-party tools—and what it all means for your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language for Sage by DataSelf Analytics
– Joni Girardi

Take advantage of artificial intelligence, natural language, and machine learning from anywhere, anytime!

Now, like searching on the Internet, anyone can build reports and dashboards from Sage using plain English!

Join Joni Girardi of DataSelf to see:

  • how to use natural language for report and dashboard creation
  • must-have reports and dashboards for unparalleled insights
  • a 30-minute deployment overview
  • how data warehousing can add value to your business

Showcase: Editable Grids, Customer Portals, Reporting, and Open Source Resources
– Mark Reidy

Join Marc Reidy of CRM Together for an add-on showcase packed with tools to generate more value from Sage CRM, including:

Editable Grids to speed up data entry and improve the user experience
Self-Service Portal to empower your customers by providing an online portal integrated to Sage CRM allowing customers to build their own orders that push to Sage 100/300
FREE open source tools to speed up quote creation, enable inline editing and signature capture, and add a WYSIWYG Editor to your Sage CRM screens

Plus, see how to expose Crystal Reports via Sage CRM!

Exploring the Google Maps Add-on for Sage CRM
– Don Grubor

Give your CRM users the option to display all of your CRM company records in Google Maps with the Google Maps Add-on for Sage CRM!

Different pinpoint colors differentiate between Customer and Prospect companies. You can also search for leads from the Google Maps interface and add them directly to CRM as Prospects. If your salespeople do route sales, there is also the option to build pre-defined routes with this addon.

Join Don Grubor of Effective solutions to see what the Google Maps add-on can do for your team.

Enhancing Integration to Bridge the Gap between Sales and Accounting
– Jeff Tweardy

Integration is the key to any successful Sage CRM implementation.

In this session, Jeff Tweardy of CAT Consulting will show you how to make enhancements to allow users to access data easier and more efficiently.